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Binod Dawadi

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Cityscape At Night 11

Cityscape At Night 74

First of all, I had went on a terrace and I had taken beautiful photographs of [the] city lights. Then after that, I use different online apps to change that digital photographs in a beautiful arts. Finally I get a beautiful art of Cityscape. They are so beautiful and lovely. They are full of lights. They will takes us very much far away from our place. It is like as a Utopia a new world where there is a lots of happiness. My words and phrases can't define and explain the truth and beauty of these arts.

Binod Dawadi (He/him) is a polymath from Kathmandu, Nepal, is a beacon of creativity, intellect, and activism. Armed with a master’s degree in English, Dawadi wields the power of words to enact societal change. His journey as a writer, teacher, artist, photographer, model, and singer is a testament to his boundless passion and talent. Dawadi’s artistic endeavors transcend conventional boundaries. His digital paintings and photography capture the essence of his surroundings, while his literary works provide profound insights into the human condition. His commitment to social progress is palpable in every stroke of his brush and syllable of his pen. As an advocate for change, Dawadi actively participates in global events and exhibitions. From the International Art Festival in Korea to the Creating People’s Side Virtual International Exhibition in Hungary, his work has graced prestigious platforms worldwide. Each exhibition serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to enlightenment and transformation. In every facet of his life, Binod Dawadi embodies the transformative power of art and words. His journey is a testament to the belief that through creativity, education, and activism, meaningful change can be achieved, one brushstroke, one sentence, one melody at a time.

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