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DAvid Harrison Horton

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A Song of Picture This

The late massacre of Piemont
was no shoe shopping
at the Mall of America.

The makes and models of the Buicks
used in the scene
were antiquated,
brought something to the dailies.

The choir sings a choral song,
and a TV dad looks for a pipe.

The scratch itched
and was infected,
but there were still
20 miles of jungle to base.

A Song of the Ten Words for No

The child grinned with crooked teeth
and pretended not to notice
how his hammertoes
chaffed against his ill-fitting shoes.

There was a meal being made
somewhere the next county over.
All the crows were quiet,
and the air was seasonably humid.

An empire was built on the wolf’s decision
not to eat the human infants.

Drought is affecting crops
and speculators have put in calls
for the famines
that will decimate continents.

A Song of 1972 Cameros

She wondered what to hold onto,

as the ship
slowly sank
into Lake Huron.

The crowd was moved
by the aging veteran
hitting one
out of the park.

There will be chrysanthemums in Heaven,
if Heaven is to be believed in.

At 3 AM,
they have started to make baozi,
which people will eat,
but not appreciate.

David Harrison Horton (He/him) is a Beijing-based writer, artist, editor and curator. He is author of Maze Poems (Arteidolia) and chap Model Answers is forthcoming from CCCP Chapbooks. His work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Mantis, The Belfast Review and Timber, among others. He edits the poetry zine SAGINAW.

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